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GiveSignup’s Ticket Event Wizard makes it easy and simple for you to create your event. If you need to make an update after setting up your event, you’ll be able to make changes from your dashboard. All of the functionality from the Wizard is in the dashboard, as well as advanced features for more complex ticketed events.

There are four new tabs in the Ticket Menu on your Ticket Event dashboard:

  • Create or Edit
  • Ticket Groups
  • Information Collection
  • Advanced Pricing

Tickets >> Create or Edit

You can easily add new tickets at any time for your event by navigating to Tickets >> Create or Edit. You can create tickets under any existing group. If you want to create a new group for your new tickets, go to Tickets >> Ticket Groups to add a new group first.

Click the green Add Ticket button to create a new ticket:

Enter the name of the ticket and a description (optional). You can also enable 21+ settings, combo tickets, and multiple ticket requirement.

Click Save and return to the Create or Edit ticket screen. Click the Edit icon to update any information about one of your tickets, or the trashcan to delete. Please note that you should not delete tickets that have already been purchased by attendees.

You can rearrange the order of tickets within a group by dragging and dropping the tickets.

Tickets >> Ticket Groups

Ticket Groups let you organize how your tickets are displayed on your free event website. This makes it easy for your attendees to purchase tickets. In this example, I have 2 ticket groups: Adult Ticket (with two ticket options – Ticket and VIP Ticket) and Kid Ticket.

You can add and edit Ticket Groups by navigating to Tickets >> Ticket Groups. Click the orange Add Ticket Group button to add another group.

When you add a new ticket group, you are required to add a Group Name (i.e. Adult Ticket) and a description. It’s optional to add start and end dates for your group – these dates correspond to when your event will take place. Click Save once you have made your updates.

Click the Edit icon to update any information about one of your tickets, or the trashcan to delete. You can rearrange the order of ticket groups by dragging and dropping the tickets, then clicking Save Arrangement.

Tickets >> Information Collection

You can update the information that you collect for your attendees by navigating to Tickets >> Information Collection. You can collect information once per ticket purchase or for each individual ticket. You can edit these settings per ticket group by clicking the edit icon for that group. Click the blue Modify Multiple Ticket Groups to update information collection across some or all of your ticket groups.

Tickets >> Advanced Pricing

You can update pricing for your tickets by navigating to Tickets >> Advanced Pricing. Click into a ticket group to add or edit pricing for all tickets.

Fill out when purchase opens and closes. You can create multiple purchase periods if you want the price to change as the event gets closer. The second part of this section asks if you want ticket prices to change based on the number of total tickets in the transaction. (For example, you might choose to sell tickets for $10, but discount them to $8 if someone buys five or more tickets in a purchase). 

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