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GiveSignup’s Ticket Event Wizard makes it easy and simple for you to create your event. If you need to make an update after setting up your event, you’ll be able to make changes from your dashboard. All of the functionality from the Wizard is in the dashboard, as well as advanced features for more complex ticketed events.

There are two new tabs in the Event Menu on your Ticket Event dashboard: Basic Info and Publish Settings.

Event >> Basic Info

This is where you can update your event’s information that you set up in the first step of the wizard:

  • Event Name
  • Event Type
  • Event Description
  • Contact Email and links
  • Location Information

Please note that your event’s URL cannot be changed. If there is an error with your URL that you need fixed, please email info@givesignup.org with a link to your Ticket Event dashboard and the new URL that you would like. You can also add a domain or subdomain for free instead of using the givesignup.org URL.

Event >> Publish Settings

You can update your website’s publish settings from this tab. Click Save once you have chosen your setting.

  • Public: Anyone can see your website, it’s displayed on event listings, and optimized for search engines
  • Private: The public can access your event, but we will not display on event listings or optimize for search engines. This is best if your event is limited to a select group.
  • Draft: Your event is not live yet and only you (as the director) can see your website. You will need to make the event public or private when you want people to buy tickets and donate.

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