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Donation Discounts

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Raise more at your next ticket event with GiveSignup’s donation discounts. You can give your ticket purchasers an automated discount on their ticket purchase when they make a donation that hits a certain threshold.

To set up donation discounts, you must first enable donations for your ticket event. Then navigate to Donations >> Donation Discount on your Ticket Event Dashboard. You will be able to set up a unique donation discount for each ticket. To get started click the green Add a Donation Discount button.

You can set up one donation discount per ticket. In this example, the ticket purchaser will get a $5 discount on their ticket if they make a donation of at least $10. Please note that the minimum donation amount and the discount will be cumulative. This means that if 3 adult tickets are purchased, the donation discount will be $15 with a donation of $30 or more.

Once you set up your donation discount(s), click the blue Save Discount Settings at the bottom of the page.

The ticket options with a donation discount feature a call-to-action highlight to let ticket purchasers know about the discount up front, with additional details about the discount in the tooltip.

When I purchase one Adult ticket, I’m prompted to make a $10 donation to receive my discount on the Donation step.

The ticket purchaser will see a brief pop-up to confirm the donation discount has been applied.

The checkout cart will reflect the donation and the ticket discount.

If two tickets are purchased, I am prompted to make a $20 donation to receive a $10 discount on my two tickets.

Donation discounts are another way to raise more at your nonprofit’s next ticketed event.

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