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Combo Tickets

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You can create combo tickets to offer special discounts. For example, if you are selling adult tickets for $20 and kid tickets for $5, you could create an offer such as “Buy 2 adult tickets, get 2 kid tickets for free.”

The two free kid tickets will only be available for selection once the 2 adult tickets are selected; once the maximum of 2 free kid tickets are selected, the user is unable to add additional free kid tickets.

Set Up

In the Ticket Wizard >> Step 2. Ticket Groups, you can set up your tickets groups and levels. In this example, I’ve created one ticket group with Adult Tickets, regularly priced Kid Tickets, and free Kid Tickets. Since free Kid Tickets are only available as part of a combo ticket, the combo ticket setting should be enabled for that ticket.

Then add pricing for each level. In this example, kid tickets are $5 and free kid tickets are $0.

After completing the Ticket Event Wizard, navigate to Event >> Purchase Settings >> Combo Tickets. Click the orange button to add your first Combo Ticket:

Add the logic that you would like for your combo tickets. In the example, you must purchase 2 adult tickets to be able to purchase 2 free kid tickets.

Once your settings are configured, click Save, and test your ticket purchase path.

Combo tickets are a powerful way to offer discounts and offers that incentivize your supporters to bring their families and friends to your ticket event, expanding your network of supporters.

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