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Nonprofits can now create an unlimited number of Donation Forms to grow donations. Donation Forms automatically apply your nonprofit’s branding and custom domain or subdomain, giving your nonprofit a 100% white-label solution to collect donations.

Donation Forms are both powerful and easy to create so that your nonprofit can raise more and save time:

  • Create a Donation Form for each giving campaign, with custom giving options (i.e. one-time and monthly only; annual only), a custom title and description, custom attribution settings, and custom description.
  • Use Donation Forms for email and social media campaigns. The clean and simple layout keeps your supporters focused on making a donation without the distraction of menu items, additional call to action buttons, and too many images.
  • Automatically apply your custom domain or subdomain to all donation forms. This is an elegant white-label solution compared to a generic Paypal form, and gives you the power of GiveSignup’s free reporting engine, free CRM, and free supporter-engagement tools.

You will first need to create a donation website. Next, you will need to enable donations by going to Donations >> Donation Setup. To ensure that your donation forms correctly apply your nonprofit’s branding, you’ll want to be sure to customize your color scheme.

Next, navigate to Donation Forms >> Donation Forms Setup on your Dashboard. Click the blue Create a Donation Form button.

This brings you into a set up screen to customize your Donation Form.

First, add the name of your campaign, such as “Giving Tuesday”, “Sponsor a Student”, or, as in the example below, “Adopt a Whale”. If you are using the form for general donations, you can simply use your nonprofit’s name as the Donation Form Name. An end date is not required, but if your campaign is time-limited you have the option to add an end date.

Next, select which giving options you would like to include on the donation form. In the example below, I only want to allow my donors to make one-time or monthly donations:

If your donation website is set up to give donors the option to cover the processing fee, you can add custom text to encourage your donors to pay the processing fee when they donate.

You can add a description that is unique to your campaign, or simply add your nonprofit’s mission statement:

Add a logo for your campaign. This can be your logo or an image that’s unique to the specific campaign. Please note that square images will work best here, as the logo appears in a circle (like your profile picture on Facebook).

You can add a custom URL to your donation form. The form automatically pulls the name of the form into the Custom URL, and you are able to adjust as you would like. If you are using as your domain, it will look like this (<Donation-website> will pull the name of your donation website):

If you have set up a custom domain or subdomain, it will look like this:

Next, you can customize your donation use designations. The donation form automatically pulls the designations that you set up for your donation website.

You can delete, add to, or edit the designations:

Similarly, donation levels are automatically pulled from your donation website, and you can delete, add to, or edit the levels.

Once you have customized your donation form settings, click Save on the header:

Your donation form has been created! You can click the hyperlinked URL to view your form.

You can easily share the URL on social media and email campaigns, add as a link URL to a Donate button on your own websites, or add as a link to a Call-To-Action button in an email campaign.

When someone donates and clicks Continue, they will enter their payment information:

When payment is confirmed, the donor will see a Thank You screen. They will also receive a donation confirmation email that they can use as a tax-deductible receipt. Your donation confirmation email can be customized by going to Donation Website >> Notifications.

If you need to edit a donation form, click the edit icon in the upper righthand corner. You can also delete any form by clicking the trashcan.

Check out the new UX features we’ll be adding to donation forms over the next week – including a redirect button to a website of your choice!

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