Ticket Events: Set Tax Deductible Amounts

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You can now define the dollar amount of your nonprofit ticket event that is NOT tax deductible so that your supporters can write off the tax deductible portion of their ticket purchase.

In your Ticket Event Dashboard, go to Event >> Purchase Settings >> Tax Deduction Settings. First, confirm that your nonprofit’s tax deduction information, including your address and EIN, is correct (see red rectangle in the image below). This information will appear in the ticket purchase confirmation email, allowing your attendees to claim a tax deduction.

If there is no information in this section or if it is not correct, click the orange Donation Tax Deductible Info Setup button to enter or edit your information.

NOTE: You must confirm and/or enter the tax deductible information on this page in order for your ticket holders to receive receipts to use for tax deductions.

Next you will enter the $ amount of the ticket that is NOT tax deductible. In this example of charity gala tickets, I have individual tickets priced at $300 and a table priced at $2,000.

If the value of the meal and experience at the charity gala is only $75, then you can make the remaining value of the ticket tax deductible. To do this, enter $75 as the NON-tax deductible amount. In this example, the non-tax deductible amount of the table is $750, which I’ve entered in the corresponding box. Click Save to update your settings.

The tax deductible amount will show up under the order summary on the ticket confirmation email. This shows supporters how much of their ticket purchase is considered a charitable gift or tax deductible expense which they can use to reduce their tax bill.

In the example below, I purchased two individual tickets at $300 each. $75 of each ticket is NOT tax deductible, meaning I received a tax deduction of $450 on my ticket purchase receipt ($225 per ticket).

Please note that in cases where sales tax is applicable to your ticket event, sales tax will be applied to the full amount of the ticket purchase and will not exclude the tax deductible amount. You can find more information about sales tax and how it could apply to your nonprofit here:

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