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In order to simplify the Ticket Event Wizard, we have moved some advanced cap settings and display settings out of the wizard and into the Event Dashboard. These were previously found in Step 3 (Purchase) of the Ticket Event Wizard. They can now be found under Event Dashboard >> Event >> Purchase Settings. There are two sections: Ticket Caps and Settings

Cross-Ticket Group Caps

This is the highest level of ticket caps. (The other cap settings, such as the cross-ticket level caps, are still found in step 3 of the wizard). Cross-Ticket Group caps limit the number of total tickets sold across multiple ticket groups. For example, you could set a cap of 100 tickets across three ticket groups:

With this setup, all tickets bought at any ticket level within these groups will count toward the cap. So, in this example,  if the May Screening sells 100 tickets while June and July sell 0, all three ticket groups will be sold out.


Homepage Display

You can configure the way your ticket groups and levels appear on the homepage by going to Event Dashboard>>Event>>Purchase Settings>>Settings. You have several options on this page: 

Hiding sold out Ticket Groups and Levels

You can hide sold-out ticket groups or ticket levels by checking the boxes under Registration Settings. Hiding ticket groups will prevent them from being visible on the homepage. Hiding ticket levels makes them disappear from the purchase screen (you can’t currently hide them from the homepage).

A major benefit of this feature is that it gives you the ability to “clean up” your event website as ticket groups and levels sell out, so that visitors to your event website are able to clearly see what their ticket options are.

Select Ticket Groups at the start of registration

If you want your ticket groups to be selected as the first step in registration, then check Require ticket group selection at start of registration. It will look like this, with all the ticket groups laid out, but without showing ticket levels:

In order to register, your registrants choose their ticket group first, and are then sent to a separate page where they select the ticket level (in this golf outing example, this is the tee time) and the number of tickets.

If you have a large number of ticket levels within your ticket groups, this method prevents a cluttered front page.

Quick-Buy options and purchases directly from front page

If you have only a couple of ticket groups, you may want to allow registration directly from your front page, which means that registrants can select their ticket levels and their desired number of tickets right away using quick-buy buttons. This is enabled automatically, but you can turn it off and on by clicking the Allow registration directly from homepage or the Do NOT allow registration directly from homepage buttons. Registration on the front page looks like this:

After selecting their desired number of tickets, the registrants click Sign Up and go to the next page (the checkout screen, or the donation page if you have enabled that). 

Hide Ticket Count until X number of tickets are left 

Read our blog on this feature here: https://givesignup.blog/2019/08/01/hide-number-of-tickets-left-when-event-caps-are-set/

All ticket levels will automatically display the number of remaining tickets if you have set a cap, but this setting allows you to hide the remaining ticket count until it reaches a certain number (which you choose).

Events Display Options

You can choose to have your events display in grid format or list format. Grid is the default:

List looks like this:

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